New Year’s Workout Warriors

2022 is here, and as the late, great Karen Carpenter once sang, “we’ve only just begun!”

As a self-proclaimed pool regular, I know that the beginning of my annual “January Plan” remains the same, which involves swimming, cutting out alcohol (yes, and for a whole month!) and eliminating sugar – as best I can. 

It seems that every January brings some laughs for me while I’m at the pool, while I’m doing my thing.  

Doing my thing in Lane 3 at the Skaneateles Y

Perhaps the same thing happens at your gym or fitness club. 

So, what is the thing I’m referring to? Well, the “things” are actually people. And you know exactly who they are…..

“They” are….

The New Year’s Resolution Workout Warriors!! (Run – RUN for your lives!!)

Let’s call them WWs for short, kind of like how Oprah changed Weight Watchers.

You know them, they are the set of folks who join the gym (or pool) in an attempt to miraculously transform themselves from “fat to flat” in a short amount of time. They wear their brand new sneakers (I still cannot call them athletic shoes), and fancy, colorful attire (Lululemon comes to mind). The subset of WW swimmers have new suits and expensive swim goggles which they don’t know how to adjust (some are tricky, admittedly). They want to own the place with their 3-month memberships, yet they wreak havoc in the pool and with the fitness equipment.  

Wait a minute – am I being too snarky or harsh? 

They cram the pool lanes, refuse to share a lane, and if they do, they take their half out of the middle.  They won’t return a kick board to the rack, figuring it’s the lifeguard’s job to do.  Whatever they tried to do with the “white foam thingy,” (it’s called a pull buoy), there it is, untouched at the end of the lane, waiting to go back to the bin with the others.  Thanks, lifeguards, you get to put up with the WWs too.


If it’s a fitness center we are talking about, the WWs don’t exactly bring any etiquette there either. Or perhaps they just don’t know how to use the equipment (see below). If it’s a 20-minute walk on the treadmill, a 10-minute spin, or a “session” with the free weights, they don’t spray and wipe off the rails, bars, or seats.  YUCK!

So – what can be done? Just laugh. Then laugh some more. After all, the WW’s will quit in 3 weeks, or reduce their visits significantly, only to invade your space next year. 

Happy New Year to all – and watch out for the WWs!!

Author: sinkorswim204

I'm a “veteran” Broadcast producer as well as a former high school and collegiate swimmer who still loves to write. I hope to inspire others to stay afloat in these often turbulent waters while enjoying some new challenges in my middle age.

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